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Assessment for Selection & Development

Creating a high performing business starts with getting the right people who fit the job, fit the culture, and who have the potential to add value in the longer term. We can offer you the capability to assess all candidates from Managing Director to the most junior employee, and we have the experience and the tools to see beyond the obvious, measure talents and behaviours, and uncover potential career derailers.

Individual Assessment

Selection: Depending on the level of appointment, our business psychologists will spend between 1 hour for junior appointments and up to 4-6 hours for senior appointments, gathering information via structured interviews and psychometrics, to make recommendations on the job-fit and attitude-fit of each candidate.

Development: The transition from successful functional manager or professional technician to corporate and team leadership roles requires a range of different skills, so we work with organisations to provide early signposting on how individuals might realise and fulfil their potential.

Succession Planning: The strategic value of succession planning lies in the opportunity to define future senior executive requirements, and focus and accelerate certain individuals who have the future potential to play leading roles. We can help define those capabilities needed to drive the business, and signpost candidates on what skills and behaviours need to be developed.

Briefing Notes:

Risk Assessment for Executive Selection and Development

Group Assessment for Recruitment or Development

For certain types of position, a Group Assessment Centre is the best methodology for making recruitment decisions, or identifying development potential. In such cases, we design bespoke Assessment or Development Centres which may include activities ranging from group discussions, in-tray exercises, individual assignments and presentations as well as psychometrics and interviews, to ensure that the best quality data is generated on the key criteria relevant for success in the job.

Briefing Notes:

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