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Organisational Problem Solving

Our business psychology know-how enables us to design or introduce proven tools and methodologies to help your business to analyse factors that impact on output, productivity and retention. We can deliver the hard HR data to enable greater transparency about the causal link between behaviours and organisational performance.

  • Surveys
    We design surveys to measure attitudes, and solicit performance improvement suggestions, or to track and monitor levels of motivation and commitment to the business, and in turn, the possible consequences to organisational performance. We can then use the data to design or advise on interventions to improve performance.

    Briefing Notes:

    Climate And Employee Surveys
  • Competency Frameworks
    We research what differentiates the most effective performers from average or below average performers and produce an analysis of ‘what good looks like’. We can then use this framework to guide recruitment, development, succession planning, and performance management strategies.
  • Training Frameworks
    We analyse jobs, and compile frameworks or manuals to signpost how people can become as good as they can be or help them manage the specific challenges of the role. In some cases, we have designed manuals to guide how employees manage the interface with their clients.

    Briefing Notes:

    Organisation-Centred Coaching
  • Interview Schedules
    We produce competency-based interview questions to generate better quality data for decision-making.