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At PCS Business Psychologists, we draw on all of our professional and business expertise, and our commercial experience to help businesses select and develop the best people, and create an environment in which all employees will flourish.


  • Recruitment Assessments: We identify potential strengths, limitations and career derailers to differentiate between short-listed candidates
  • High Potential/Succession Planning: We signpost individuals on how to realise their potential

Development/Executive Coaching

  • MDs/Directors/Senior Executives: We help senior executives to analyse their performance and take their contribution to a higher level
  • High Potential: We help high potentials make the transition from transactional managers to transformational leaders
  • Underperformers: We help underperformers address and manage the problems which prevent them from meeting the expectations of the business

Organisational Problem-Solving

  • Surveys: We design analytical measures to solve organisational problems or inform organisational decisions
  • Self-Development Tools: We design self-help toolkits to help individuals understand organisational expectations and take more control of their performance, their careers, and their contribution to the business as a ‘corporate citizen’ and ‘corporate leader’.
  • Competency Frameworks: We model what ‘good looks like’ in any given role.
  • Training Frameworks: We guide how good performers can get even better.