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What our clients say….

We aspire to be different. We are a values-driven practice, who want to be judged by ‘the way we do business and how we work with our clients. We create solutions to reinforce long-term mutually rewarding relationships where processes and outputs are transparent and open to evaluation. Here’s what some of the clients we’ve partnered have to say…

“I've used PCS to work with over 20 senior executives to help drive a major change initiative and bring increased sharpness, edge and focus to the way senior executives used their talents to lead the business. I believe that individual assessment and coaching was the most effective way to get senior executives to seriously think about their behaviours and attitudes. The impact was to help established managers generate more alternatives and options to the problems they faced, and consequently raise the quality of analysis and decision making which in turn led, I believe, to greater collaboration, better business judgements and improved performances.”

Group Human Resources Director, Multi-Channel Distribution Group

“PCS have been providing assessment services for us since 1985 when we were a small company of 200 people. We have now grown to 5 times the size and every supervisory and management employee has been profiled either as an invaluable aid to our recruitment process or as the start of a personal development planning process to identify key strengths and weaknesses. The quality and professionalism of the PCS service has been consistently outstanding over many years. The turnaround of profiles is fast and efficient and they have never failed to produce a fast turnaround when asked. We clearly think that the business has benefited considerably from this relationship and we hope that it long continues!”
VP Group HR Manager, Oil Industry Service Company

"As a result of coaching, I have achieved a much better understanding of my strengths, weaknesses and areas where development will most pay off. The coaching has definitely helped me to understand how my interactions with others impacts on my own credibility and reputation. The outcome for me personally has been an enjoyable journey of discovery where colleagues have noted positive changes in my approach to work"

Divisional Director, Financial Services Organisation

"PCS have been helping us with our recruitment of sales people since 1995 and they have consistently provided us with a reliable and professional assessment service which has greatly improved our recruitment process. PCS initially designed an application form with criteria-based interview type questions which has improved our short-listing and significantly reduced our time spent on interviewing. All applicants who 'pass' the first interview are assessed by PCS. If we have had any concerns about an applicant the profile has always highlighted our concerns, and we have therefore had a huge increase in our success rate of retaining and recruiting top sales people.”
Sales & Marketing Director, International Financial Services Organisation

"PCS's coaching was revealing in that I was forced to think deeply about the impression I wished to create. Sometimes a very difficult process allowed me to examine my own compass when it came to what personal price I was willing to pay when differentiating between compromise, appeasement and confronting difficult issues.”
Chairman & Chief Executive, Pharmaceutical Company

"PCS have supported us in the assessment of candidates for Area Director positions. We have found their assessments to be insightful in highlighting strengths and identifying the key questions to be explored at interview. The assessment has helped us to focus the development of candidates and encourage them to identify specific actions to increase their skills and experience in preparation for more senior roles in the organisation."
Personnel Manager: Retail Operations, Financial Services Organisation

"PCS’s coaching has helped me to better analyse my performance in the softer skills of networking, influencing and negotiating and to find strategies for solving delicate problems. Access to a confidential, objective 'sounding board' proved valuable in taking stock of my career, and as a result, I feel that I have a more rounded set of skills and that I am more effective in my current role."
Managing Director, Investment Bank

“We have used PCS’s assessment services to support and enhance our Senior Management Assessment Centres as well as other recruitment and selection processes, and to provide personal development plans for managers based on their agreed profiles of strengths and less well developed areas. The key benefits for our business include being able to regularly utilise PCS’s in-depth experience of assessing individuals across all levels of seniority, and the timely receipt of relevant and effective assessment reports which are enhanced by PCS’ understanding of our business needs.”
HR Department, Retail Company

"As a result of executive coaching, I have developed a more focused approach to leadership and people management. Coaching has definitely helped me grow as a leader, secure a job promotion and significantly progress my career. I also have an increased awareness of my own capabilities which has enhanced my confidence and helped me lead a business team and improve their performance.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank

“We invited PCS to implement a staff attitude survey on our behalf to identify the root causes of some important difficulties and to provide the business with a better understanding of staff attitudes and concerns. The work was carried out in a thorough and effective way and we were delighted by the level of service received. The survey questionnaire was tailored to the needs of the business and based on a clear understanding of the concerns and perspectives of all relevant groups within the company. The project was delivered on time and to budget and the report and recommendations were clear, concise and evidence based. As a result the management team was able to make important decisions based on clear evidence. In addition PCS produced an effective, reader-friendly summary report which was distributed to all employees.”
Senior Projects Manager, Aerospace Manufacturing Company

"Coaching is not for the faint-hearted. My coaching programme with PCS took me outside my comfort zone. The coaching involved me in looking hard into the mirror at my strengths & weaknesses, and although I may not like what I see, coaching forces you to be honest with yourself. The coaching opened my eyes, improving my awareness of my style and it was noted by others that I am now much more able to flex my style to adapt to different circumstances and people."
COO Product Control, Investment Bank

“We invited PCS to design and implement a series of Management Development Centres. I was impressed with their interest in thoroughly understanding our business and the manager role. The Development Centres were well organised and professionally run and the feedback to the participants was honest, candid and constructive. The feedback from the managers attending was excellent in that PCS provided them with a clear sense of direction and strategy for addressing their development opportunities and managing their career progression."
HR Manager, Estate Agency Company

“For a number of years we have used PCS’s assessment services as a key element within a broader selection process which includes role play activities and 1 on 1 interviews. This PCS process has been applied for graduate entrants, apprenticeships and for internal selection processes. The value in using PCS’s assessment services has been its use in both understanding and interpreting the selection opinions derived from other assessment techniques, the opportunity to benchmark individual and group results against nationally derived 'norms', and its use in generating individual personal development plans for successful applicants.”
Personnel Manager, Steel Manufacturing Company

“Developing a career in a huge, and very successful, US investment bank, is often most easily left to haphazard sponsorship and chance. Coaching has redirected my focus to factors that I can control, rather than those which I cannot. Building a platform for influence and promotion is a task that I, and many of my peers, have neglected for want of self-discipline. I am now more engaged in defining my corporate identity, with benefits to me and my business.”
Managing Director, Investment Bank

“Although I have a very high professional technical reputation, and I was achieving very good numbers, I agreed to work with PCS to explore ways of developing my ability to be a stronger leader within my team. We worked together for a year and the coaching helped me develop strategies for influencing upwards and cross-functionally more effectively. I also improved my ability to focus more on the big picture and get less involved in the detail. It’s not always a comfortable process, but I’ve become a stronger manager as a result”.
Director, Investment Bank

“We use PCS’s assessment services for both selection and development purposes. The assessment profiling provides additional and corroborative information to add value to selection decisions. The assessment reports enhance managers’ self-awareness of their strengths and opportunities to further improve their contribution. They enable more effective personal development action planning and contribute to commitment and retention. For the organisation they enable more effective succession planning. PCS’s reports are user-friendly, jargon-free and address issues of relevance to the business”.
HR Manager, Recruitment & Training Company